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We are a company with a vision bigger than shopping. We are a company on a mission to spread the love of conscious fashion, of conscious consumerism, and of the environment. Consumers have too many options, and not enough time to invest in thoughtful purchases. Because of this we have become a society accustom to overconsumption. Consumers are buying too much, wasting even more, and leaving our planet in an increasingly dire state.

 Meilė, is an app that automatically curates and recommends product for the individual. Meilė personalizes online shopping to help you save time, and assist you in making empowered purchasing decisions. We know how much product is out there, and we understand how overwhelming it can be, this is why we work hard to show you only product that is tailored to your life and style. 

We do this with the hope that you will purchase consciously, love what you buy, wear it longer, and in return not be as wasteful.  We created a platform with the intention of showcasing product by brands who are supporting responsible fashion. We know many of you want to purchase smarter and responsibly, and we are here to help.

Meilė is a lot more than you and me, it is a company that is stepping in the right direction to stop over consumption. A company that is meant to inspire and encourage out of the box living. Meilė is love, and we love the world we live in.